Equipment and Accessories

We supply a complete range of equipment and accessories to match cleanroom furniture.

  • Equipment and accessories for hygiene and disinfection applications

  • Equipment and accessories for all types of furniture: locks, lettering, interior fittings, ironing systems and much more.

  • Solutions for exhaust air, water and waste water applications, as well as electronic applications

  • Mechanical and Electronic Locking Systems

    Mechanical locks

    Mechanical locks of all types, as locking system with master key and locking plan

    Electronic locks (RFID)

    Electronic locks with battery operation or mains connection, equipped with card or chip and various operating systems

    Number combination locks/PIN locks

    Electronically via PIN entry or mechanically as rotary bolt lock

  • Labelling


    Individual engravings for high-quality door lettering


    Flush-fitted signs with individual lettering

  • Equipment


    Dispensers for disinfection, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers as well as wall-mounted systems for overshoes, head covers, face masks/beard covers and gloves


    Non-contact fittings with battery operation or power connection, hygienic fittings of all types and special products such as the Dyson Air Blade (washing and drying in one fitting)

    Exhaust systems

    Built-in poppet valves with air flow regulation, connection via pipe system or with extraction via air flow